Annales Universitatis Apulensis Series Oeconomica

ISSN: 1454-9409 (print) / 2344–4975 (online) / ISSN–L 1454–9409

The review process

The evaluation process is of the double-blind peer review type (evaluators do not know the name of the author of the article, nor does the author know the names of the evaluators); the evaluators will make an initial evaluation, establishing the references with the capacity of expertise in the field of the work, which will carry out a careful analysis.

Two evaluators will evaluate the paper simultaneously. The basic criteria are:

  • novelty and innovation of ideas and / or analysis;
  • knowledge of the researched field through the study of the specialized literature, and / or the study of some empirical / applied researches in the field;
  • the quality of the methodological approach, the organization of the material, the formulation and presentation of the ideation.

Following the evaluation process that will last 60 days, the authors will be informed about the status of the paper: accepted for publication without changes, accepted for publication with minor changes, accepted for publication with major changes, work rejected. Following the evaluation process, the authors are invited to enter the waiting list for publication, or to continue the evaluation process by making any changes requested. Only articles accepted by the Editorial Board will be published.

Papers proposed for publication must be written in English.
The authors of the published articles will receive a free copy of the journal issue in which they appeared.